Rental management software needs to make it quick and easy for you to compile and edit lists of equipment, whether they be a short, long or complex. It also needs to make these lists presentable and easy to understand by the end customer.


HireHop has streamlined the process of compiling lists. Whether the list of equipment is a simple list, or nested inside multiple headings, just like files and folders on your PC, the workflow created by HireHop makes the your task as simple as possible.

HireHop has numerous features to help you, like packages, our picker, descriptive headings, custom items and inline headings, as well as the ability to save lists to a quote archive, cut, copy and paste. You can even paste items into a list from other job lists or archives either at their original price or updated to your current price.  There are numerous other features, some can be done on one item or many at the same time, such as dragging and dropping, and deleting, the list goes on.

HireHop‘s advanced features also mean that the lists can be easily structured when creating them, so that there is no additional work needed to create site work sheets at a later date.

HireHop heading

By working similar to files and folders, HireHop offers a familiar and efficient workflow that we use on our computers on a daily basis, a workflow that has been proven as the simplest and best over time.

The features go on, so please call us to book an online demonstration.