We have been working really hard over the last few months to develop lots of new and exciting features and functionality, which we’re excited to share with you.

Check out the latest updates below!

Second Level of Pre-Prep

By popular request, we have added an additional level of pre-prep to save you even more time when you’re building a job! For example, you can now prep a box within a box.

In the example below a box – B123 – has been prepped within a flightcase with barcode F100. The new column on the far left hand side, highlighted, indicates whether the pre-prepped item is itself a pre-prep or not. In this example there is a box symbol in the column next to box B123, which indicates that box B123 itself has items also prepped within it.

As always, you can create pre-preps from the Home page and also create pre-preps when checking in jobs and from the global check in screen “Scan All In”.

Estimated Costs

You can now set an estimated cost for your hire, labour and custom items, which will show when you create purchase orders. HireHop also saves the most recent cost for items that were previously sub-hired, per supplier.

Estimated costs, as well as approved and unapproved costs from POs, now appear on the Profit and Margins screen available from the Job or Project menu.


Lock the Charge Period

There is now an extra button to lock the charge period when you create or edit jobs. Once it’s locked, you can change the job dates/times without affecting the charge period, therefore keeping the prices as they were.

Bulk Edit Jobs

In projects, from the menu, you can now edit job start/end dates, job statuses and the delivery address for multiple jobs at once!

Address Book

In the user permissions, you can now limit users to select contacts from the address book only when creating new jobs.


You can now set the ePOS, Warehouse Schedule and Route Planner as your home page tiles.

Hidden or Deleted

In Hire Stock Management, you now have the option to show items limited to other depots, as well as deleted items, from the + button on the top right of the screen.