Importing a kit list

Import a spreadsheet into your kit list Match the item name, part number or bulk barcode exactly and the items will be included from your inventory. If the item doesn’t have a barcode, part number or the name doesn’t match, it will be entered as a custom item. You can also include a row with no quantity to add an inline comment.

Exporting to Excel

Exporting your supplying list to Excel – from the supplying tab, you can click on the menu and then Export to Excel to have your list exported to a spreadsheet.

Default no tax

Setting up a client or supplier to default to no tax/vat – This can be done by going to the address book, then to the trading management tab and click on edit to set the “No Tax” option on income if you do not invoice this client with tax, and on expense if the supplier does not charge you tax.

Future asset availability

With this new feature, if the purchase date of an asset is in the future, the asset will not become available until this date.