HireHop’s Latest Features and Updates!

Cloning Jobs & Projects

When cloning a job or project, you now have additional options for what to include on the cloned job – notes, tasks, purchase orders, transport and even the reserved assets.

Just click on the menu button on the relevant job or project and find the clone option.

Auto-Adding Packages

In package management, packages can now be assigned to job types to be automatically included in the job’s supplying list when you save a new job linked to that job type.

Alternatively, you can set a default package to be added to all new jobs!

To begin, navigate Home – Management – Package Management and create or edit a package to see the job type option.

New Scanning App – Coming Soon!

We are very excited to let you know that we are close to completing work on a new scanning module, including an adaptive web app and many new features!

Look out for this and a lot more to come!!