We strive to improve our cloud based hire business software by actively listening to our users and implementing the features that they need.
We have worked tirelessly to bring you new features and functionality based on users feedback and needs, that many of our users have been beta testing over the past few months.
We look forward to continuing our journey together to make the best software even better!

Free Limited Account

We are happy to announce the release of the HireHop Free account! This account, aimed at micro users who are just starting out, and is free for an unlimited time, but with limited capabilities, such as 15 jobs a year, no custom documents, etc.

Click here to view the full list of Free vs Subscription Features

Scan All In

Does stock ever pile up on the warehouse floor or get mixed together from several jobs before you have a chance to check it back in?  We have worked hard with our users to introduce the most powerful Scanning system for any software in the industry to help make your life easier.

Go to the Home page-Preset Searches-Scan all in to bring up the screen as seen in the below image. From here, simply scan in any item and HireHop will intelligently check it in to it’s relevant job!

What’s more, the scan all in function works seamlessly with our much-loved live multi-user sync, enabling real-time collaboration in the warehouse.

Tip: Remember, any of the preset searches can be allocated to the 6 home page tile slots.

HireHop real time scanning


Don’t like any words or phrases on HireHop? You now have the power to change every word and phrase through our innovate Language editor! This is the latest of our many enhancements allowing further customisation of HireHop.

Administrators simply click on Settings from the Home page and select the Language tab. Once greeted with the below screen, select the word or phrase you want to change and overwrite it by typing in the text box, ensuring to press “Save” once complete. These Language changes will then update for every user in your company.

Tip: Use the search bar to search for the words/phrases that you want to change.

Equipment rental software custom language

Now available in French and Portuguese

HireHop has now been translated to French and Portuguese, with many more Languages on the way! With languages, each user has the ability to select their own language in the Settings, meaning within the same company, users can see HireHop in the language of their choice.

Column Customisation

We have heard you! The ability to customise the columns throughout HireHop has been expanded to pages including Hire Stock Management, the Picker and Preset Searches.

Click on the Settings Cog to select/deselect the columns you want to see and drag & drop the columns into your preferred order!

Google & Microsoft Login

If you use Google or Microsoft to host your emails, you can now login into HireHop with your email credentials. Simply enter your company ID in Step 1, and instead of entering your HireHop Email and Password, click ‘Sign in with Google’ or ‘Sign in with Microsoft’.

Rental business software login with Google or Microsoft

Alternative Name

All stock, sales and labour items can now have an alternative name.  This can be used for languages or the specific naming of items for internal company use only. The alternative name field in the documents, if blank, defaults to the name field.

For languages you can have the item name in English and the alternative name in French, enabling you to print and send quotes in either English or French, depending on your customer.

For internal use, an item may be named “XF9 Heavy lift 4m tripod stand”, however internally (the alternative name) it’s known as “The big stand”, enabling you to send quotes with the correct name, and print job sheets with the internal name (alternative name).  This would be particularly useful for the Film and TV industry who use the 70kg “Manfrotto Avenger Strato-Safe Crank-Up stands” (we know what you call them).

Minor Enhancements and Features

We can’t list every update we do (you’ll get bored reading through the long list), as we regularly release new minor enhancements and features to help make your life easier, like more document fields, system speed increases, more data fields, the list goes on.