Why should I hire and not buy, the Top Ten reasons why you should be hiring not buying.

Hiring is the obvious choice in many industries, but sometimes businesses or consumers don’t realise there is a great hiring and renting industry in the UK for multiple sectors. Here are the top ten reasons why you should be hiring and not buying.

  1. You are able to try products before you buy – make sure you actually need them and they suit the required purpose.
  2. Hire a variety different models so you know exactly what you want when you are ready to purchase (that is if you want to purchase).
  3. Hiring is cheaper than buying – especially if the product is for minimum usage.
  4. Afford the unaffordable! Why not hire a Porsche for the weekend? Or a classic car? Hiring allows you to indulge in products otherwise unaffordable.
  5. Don’t hoard! You may only use some products once or rarely, and with the depreciation in value compared to how many times you used the item, it would have been more economical to hire.
  6. Keep up with new technology and models. Hiring ensures you always have the very latest technology or even an older model that is no longer available to buy.
  7. Hiring is very popular for businesses.  Offer a greater variety of services to your clients by having the ability to hire stock when required rather than large capital investments.
  8. Did you know cars depreciate 15%-20% when you drive them out the showroom? Depreciation affects all new products especially high value products and services. For hiring you also get a 100% tax benefit for its cost.
  9. There are such a strong range of suppliers out there – so you can always ensure getting the best price, best service and the latest model.
  10. Actually you might not want to keep something and may be something you only use once – so why spend money buying? For example Wedding Clothes only get worn once.

Hiring (and not buying!) is a growing and often understated industry in the UK.  But there are a fantastic variety of hiring companies out there and so many different products available to hire.  Hirehop provides a simple platform to choose from multiple suppliers to hire a wide range of products.

Some of the most popular categories include Diggers, Lighting and Wedding Services.

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